hair envy

Debra Messing is back.  And so returns my ridiculously, bitter hair envy.  I will provide a bit of back history, so that you may fully understand this well-founded jealousy.  I am a curly girl.  In a world of stick straight locks, this was not always a wanted attribute.  I spent the greater part of a decade battling my natural state.  Blow driers, round brushes, flat brushes, hot rollers and then the flat iron. And then a long came Grace.
In 1998, Will and Grace debuted and my life changed.  I loved everything about Debra Messing, most especially her hair!  In a single word.  Awesome.  With my new love came envy.  How do they get her curls to look that good?  I have since been on the search of the exact cut, the right conditioner, and the the single product which will perfect my curls.

Over a decade later, Debra's hair still rocks!  Look how phenomenal she looks in Smash.

One product essential for anyone with curls or hair that tends to be dry~Moroccon Oil.
This keeps my curls soft, separated, and frizz free.   All great things and it smells amazing.

Here's to embracing what you have been given.  Don't fight it.  Try to love it [whatever it is].

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