Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century design fits the "feel" of our house and I am drawn to the simplicity of the furnishings.  We have not remodeled our home, nor will we anytime soon.  I simply settle for sprucing it up a bit.  That doesn't mean I don't plan for an amazing facelift or a dream of a new lot with a breathtaking view. 

I saw these pictures of Demi and Ashton's home in Beverly Hills and fell in love.  The open space, vast windows, and amazing pool instantly make me smile!  Can't you just picture a summer party?


Until I have saved my pennies (dimes and quarters), I will live the dream through others and sip a cocktail sitting in my new patio chairs! Yes, an ode to Mid-Century Modern and a price that is within reach!  Cheers!
Sawyer Chair

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