the real reason

Yesterday I felt recharged. I rediscovered the real reason I had children. Fun! We woke up in the morning and had NO plans! What a gift! Aaron and I decided to so something spontaneous even though it was raining and dreary. We packed some snacks and rain gear and headed to Discovery Park. It was so enjoyable and the boys LOVED it! It was relaxing. When do I get to say that anymore? After, we stopped in Magnolia for pizza at a place we had never been. It felt like old times- when you could go to lunch on a Saturday without a 4-tier plan of attack. Ahhh. Maybe a little bit of our "old selves" are still there and we just need to relax to let them return?

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  1. I love this! The boys look adorable in their rain gear. . . .I am sort of sad that my children will never need those special Seattle slickers. Discovery Park is such a beautiful little jewel.


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