knowing what is possible

I truly love talking to women who have children that are older than mine, specifically older boys. One such friend gave me a great tip, "only try to do what is honestly possible". She used the example of grocery shopping. If you can't make it through a trip to the store (no matter the length) without your kids losing, you can't go with them. You have to go late at night, trade kids with a friend, or get a sitter! The most important thing is knowing what is possible. Children don't like shopping with their moms for hours, they don't like running boring errands, they don't like visiting friends' homes who don't have toys, they don't behave at meals. If I have to (or want t0) do something I know will trigger my boys to become little devils, I now rethink how it can be done. Thank goodness for GREAT a babysitter whom my boys love, Amazon Fresh, and a supportive husband. I am slowly learning what is possible and accepting it for what it is!

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