a christmas horror

Let's set the scene:

Your gorgeous, children bound down the stairs Christmas morning, complete with bed head and holiday pjs (possibly opened the night before).  Their eyes widen and the magic of the holiday engulfs them.  One shrieks with delight as he opens the ONE gift he was hope, hope, hoping for!

"Can I open it up?"

"Of course, baby!"

wait for it....wait for it.... wait for it....

"Honey don't cry.  Daddy just has to find a pair of pliers and a screwdriver."

What has caused this Christmas horror?  Toy packaging!  I am sure you know what I am talking about.  Here are few images to simply remind you of the hassle you are about to encounter:

I am not sure the purpose for these torture devices.  Display?  Safety?  Theft?  One of the great mysteries of my world.  Learning many painful lessons, I now swoop in with a preemptive strike.  Before I wrap those little treasures-I make sure it is easy to play with right away.

Get rid of all those twist ties, disc holds, and screws as you drink a glass of wine! Then tie the ribbon around that Nerf Gun.  In all honesty it is more for me than my kids.  Christmas morning is much more relaxing for me and really that is what is all about, right?

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