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Since I was around 8, I have had a love hate relationship with my brows.  It was in the 3rd grade that a boy kindly pointed out, on the bus ride home, that I had eyebrows like the muppet, Bert.  That would mean I was blessed with a dreaded uni-brow!  I took matters into my own hands.  As a young girl, I shaved [pause for gasp.] between my brows.  I now have a more exact method to tame them.  I have them waxed at an Anastasia Brow Counter at Nordstrom.  They use stencils to give your brows the desired shape and then wax around it.  My brow is the high arch brow, but there are many shapes.  I have been dying to share my daily brow routine using stencils.  The ladies at the beauty department helped me out!  Comb, stencil, and go!

It takes about 30 seconds per brow, but it makes all the difference for me.  I use the brow kit from Anastasia that has the stencils, tweezers, brow powder, and brow gel [which sets your brows.].  While searching, I found one from Too Faced as well.  No excuses, tame your brows!  They are they are the frame to your face.  Make them as beautiful as you are! 

Anastasia Brow Kit
[buy @ Nordstrom]
Too Faced Brow Kit
[buy @ sephora]

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  1. Your beauty tips are the greatest! Now, to tame my brows!!;) Thanks! Hannah


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