now what?

Ever feel like this?  Just when you think that you have all your ducks in a row-life throws a curve ball.  Or in my case....a lob right down the middle of the plate which I knew was coming.  My youngest started elementary school yesterday. He goes again today.  All day.  For another 179 days.

I have not-so-secretly been anxiously awaiting this day.  If you have ever stayed home full time with small children, you know what I am talking about.  You dream of long stretches of quiet time all to yourself.  You long for the luxury of making an appointment and not have to scramble and find someone to watch your kids.  You are certain you would be a much better mother if you could just get a break every once in awhile.  [Is June available?]  As of today, after 5 1/2 years of being home with my kids,  I have all that time, all that quiet, and my break.  Now what?

Learn to play the guitar that my brother gave me on my 30th birthday [six weeks after my first child was born], organize my garage, volunteer, read, return to the classroom, practice yoga,  reconnect with friends, join Pinterest, start a new career, study Italian, move my big girl camera off "AUTO", run, read?  Now what?

The beauty is I don't have to decide today.  I will get up.  Make lunches, get my boys to school and face my day with a smile.  The rest?  I am not sure yet.  Whatever it might be, I know a few things for sure.  My family is first and foremost in my heart, soul and mind.  Anything I do needs to make me a better woman, wife, mother and friend.  Every day is truly a gift.  As a new chapter in my life begins, I certainly know I am one lucky girl. 

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