just add light

Summer weather is lingering.  The warm days makes easing into fall so much easier.  However, the daylight fades quickly and makes it difficult to enjoy long evenings outdoors.  Problem solved-just add light.  I will admit to being astonished at the cost of many candles, but you can't beat their soft light.  That is why I love prayer candles.  As you can see, they cost just $1.99 and better yet can be purchased in the grocery store. Find the chipotle chiles in adobo sauce and look up.  There are green and red styles with a portrait of Jesus, but I go for the plain white ones!  They last forever and make a great table scape in any season.  Simple, white, and easy.  Buy three or five [or more if your table is really big] and mix them in with your nicer candle holders. 

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