This week I offered to bring a dish for a dinner [that I was not attending].  I was happy to help, but it just so happened to fall on Tuesday, which is the day I coach my oldest son's soccer practice @ 5 and my youngest has basketball practice @ 6.  The dish was supposed to arrive warm @ 6pm.  Ha. [Tuesday also included 1 child's doctor's appointment, my own dental appointment, and 1 hour of volunteer time.  I know you have all had one of those days!]  I needed something quick and easy-but still delicious.  This is what I came up with:  semi homemade!

2 boxes of "gourmet' frozen mac and cheese

Bake the mac n 'cheese according to the directions.  [Since I was transporting elsewhere, I put the baked noodles in two aluminum bread pans.] Top with the amazing Beecher's Flagship Cheese [shredded] and crispy bacon-coarsely chopped.  Place back in oven for about 5 minutes to melt cheese and warm bacon.  Top with green onions and serve.  

This would be great for a mid-week meal.  Prepare the bacon ahead of time and this meal could be ready in about 30 minutes.   [We like that!]

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