the greatest things

My mother-in-law has The Greatest Things written in calligraphy and framed in her home.  I read them each and every time I am there.  Simply put and more true than ever.

The Greatest Things

The best day ....          Today
The greatest sin ....      Fear
The best gift  ....          Forgiveness
The meanest feeling ..  Jealousy
The greatest need ....    Common Sense
The most expensive indulgence.... Hate       
The greatest troublemaker ....  Talking too much
The greatest teacher  .....   One who makes you want to learn
The cleverest man  ....     One who does what he thinks is right
The worst bankrupt ...   The soul that has lost its enthusiasm
The cheapest, easiest, most stupid thing to do ....  Finding Fault
The best part of anyone's religion  ....   Gentleness and cheerfulness

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