and the trophy goes to....

Uh, oh.  I am so screwed.

Both of my sons are wrapping up their fall sports seasons.  And yes, they will be receiving trophies for simply being on a team.  I am indifferent to the idea of awarding trophies for nothing special.  I am pretty sure if, and when, either of them get a trophy for an actual accomplishment they will understand the difference. 

Actually, we should roll this idea over to parenting.   You wouldn't actually need maternal skills or exhibit exceptional ability.  No need to go above and beyond-just conception and birth.  Mother of Year!

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  1. I wish the "Green"Team" would swoop in here and ban trophies that will have little meaning next season. They are landfill in my opinion. Cooper played two years of t-ball and I am stuck with those dumb trophies sitting on a shelf and I feel too guilty to toss them in the trash knowing they will just go to a landfill dump. I vote on stopping the trophy madness for doing nothing more than playing on a team. Team photo should be enough!


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