[dapper] little men

Around my house there is no chance for velvet dresses or satin bows this time of year.  However, I don't throw the towel in completely.  The Santa picture is my one chance to dress my guys in their finest.  My oldest has always loved wearing ties and looking good.  Little Man begrudgingly agrees only with the promise of a candy cane after seeing Santa.

A few tips on dressing up little men:

1.  Keep it simple and slightly hipster. 
I am sucker for ties and we have quite a collection.  Most of them are clip on ties, like this striped one, from The Children's Place.  At $7.95, it is the perfect little boy accessory.  This gray tie [similar here] is actually a real tie I bought last year.  My husband tied the full Windsor and then we slip it over his head.  Pair the tie with a white shirt and pair of jeans-you are good to go.

2.  Forgo the dress shoes.  Buy something they will wear again.

3.  Improvise if they grow out of something.
The arms of the white shirt from last year were too short on my big guy.  I didn't want to buy new.  The rest of the shirt fit great, so I improvised.  We rolled up the sleeves and he looked casually cool.  

Rest assured.  If you are mother to boys, you can still play dress up! 

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