boys at a ballet?

My little men and I are going on a grand outing next week.  We are attending a matinee performance of The Nutcracker.  One might ask, "Why would you take two uber active boys to the ballet?"  It is a legitimate question.  I am certain that they can rise to the occasion.  Well, at least Big W.  Little Man is another story all together.  He isn't known to just go with the flow, so I am hedging my bets.

When I was teaching it was called building background knowledge.  Current day, I call it covering my a^#!  I am hopeful, not delusional.  With my entire arsenal, I am getting him pumped up to see this ballet.

I have been reading him a simple picture book that tells the story of The Nutcracker Ballet.  I am confident Little Man will enjoy the performance more if he knows the story.

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I downloaded the music of The Nutcracker from iTunes and burned CD's for my boys.  They listen to them at night as they are falling asleep. Of course, Little Man's favorite track is #8 [The Nutcracker Fights the Mouse King's Army].  An army in a ballet?  His interest is peaked.

As mother, all I want is to have an enjoyable afternoon with my boys.  I want see the ballet and leave feeling inspired.  Wish me luck-I'm going to need it!

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