twinkle lights

A few weeks back, a good friend and I were seriously debating whether or not to buy these Starry String lights at Restoration Hardware.  We weren't sure exactly how we would use them or how to hide the battery pack.  For $25, we needed a plan and since neither of us had one-we both passed.

Fast forward to this week.  I decided my mantel needed some TLC.
I used this image as my jumping off point.
I had tall mercury candle holders, white dotted votive holders, a tall white vase and pine cones.  I picked up 6' of douglas fir garland [and a hefty $.98 a foot] and a bunch of curly willow at our favorite nursery.  NOW I needed that little string of lights!  I was determined to find them [cheap] and headed to Target.

Low and behold......
[twinkling lights.  $6.99 @ Target]

I have few finishing touches to add, but I am loving it! 

Should I take the leap and just decorate with natural greens and white, with touches of mercury and metalics next year??

PS.  It was super simple to hide the battery pack behind the garland. 

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