twenty thirteen

Do you feel like this?  I am not sure why but for some reason...I do.  There is this inner voice chanting to me..."It's gonna be awesome!"  There is nothing life changing on the horizon for me this year.  No milestone events, anniversaries or birthdays.  And that's why I am so darn excited.  I feel like nothing is out of the realm of possibility. 

I am not making any resolutions, because I feel like they are always attached to some sort of guilt.  The world doesn't need more people feeling guilty.  Our world needs happy, fulfilled people loving life and those around them!

Things I would love in 2013:  more glitter, long runs, day trips, finished projects, a home full of joy, getaways with my husband,  delicious meals, time alone with each of my boys, no homework, a snow day, time to myself, tons of average moments free of worry,  a super hot summer, great books, cups of hand-crafted coffee,  strong arms and toned tummy [the tummy is a long shot!], patience, abundant creativity....

What things would you love to come your way this year?  

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