play-well. party on.

Little Man had a birthday.  It happens to fall late in December, so we party with is friends in January.  This year it was a full on LEGOpalooza!  I would highly recommend Play-Well TEKnologies.  The kids built a motorized LEGO mini-walker with the help of an extremely, patient instructor!  For 90 minutes the kids built, played, laughed and created.  It was dreamy!  [All I did was take pictures.  What is more dreamy than that??]

He also requested ice cream sundaes for his sweet treat.  When it comes to a birthday dessert, it can't get much easier [and fun] than a sundae.  The more toppings...the better!!

Sources for ice cream fun:
1.  Shop Sweet Lulu- sweet little striped spoons and ice cream cups.
2.  Mark & Graham- gold chevron paper placemats

[Additionally, in following my own party tradition, there were no goodie bags! We spent a little more on the party and got rid of the junk.  Read more about my answer to the goodie bag dilemma.]

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