enjoy it.

[Little Man turned 6!  Not so little anymore.]

When my boys were really little, it would irritate me to NO END when someone would say,
"Oh, enjoy this time with them.  It is so special."  It more often then not would come at time when I literally felt like I was losing my mind [and most likely needed a shower.]  Enjoy it, huh?  Treasure it?  Have you been at my house around 5pm?  Living in the moment and enjoying them was the furthest thing from my mind.  Sadly, I felt like I was simply surviving.  My husband and I used to joke, "We're just making it to bed time." 

And now I get it.  I get what they were saying.  I feel it everyday.  I feel my boys getting "big".  Gaining independence.  Forging their own way in this world.  I'm not sad about it.  But now [outside the world of the dirty diapers and the witching hour],  I can recognize that my time with them as young boys is fleeting.  And I am going to do my very best to just enjoy it!



  1. SoooTrue.....Wait till they're 40 and then wonder! How did it get to be 2013? I use to think of 2000 when I was young and it seemed so far away.


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