where will they take me?

Mama got a new pair of shoes.  Where will they take me?

In 2002, I trained and finished the Portland Marathon.  26.2 miles of determination.  While the race itself was exhilarating, the training was arduous.  Months and months of pounding the pavement and punishing my body.  In the time leading up to the marathon I experienced chaffing, the wrong shoes, a horrible 18 miler spent hallucinating in sweltering temps on Spokane's Centennial Trail, and stomach turning nourishment for long runs called goo.  However, since I was determined to finish the run healthy [and with a little left in the tank to run strong across the finish line], the training had a purpose.  I knew why I was pushing my body to the limit. 

After finishing the marathon, I hung up my racing shoes.  There isn't a desire to train for another.  There isn't a desire to train for any END event.  Being physically fit and active is the only objective.  But there in lies the problem.  When you don't have an end goal-motivating yourself everyday is more challenging.  It also is freeing.  My new shoes can walk, they can run, they might be able to climb. Maybe I will wear them to a Crossfit gym and push myself through a WOD.  I might possible wear them to a yoga studio, slip them off and find my zen.  They could take me on a walk with a great friend or help me clock my fastest mile time since I was 16 years old.  Who knows?!? 

My shoes could take me just about anywhere...and they sure are cute!

**update** My shoes are Brooks PureFlow 2 

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