the booby trap

just something to make you smile on a Monday...

I came across these ad posters on the world wide web this weekend.  I suppose this is a perfect situation to use, LOL.   Actually, they are down right hysterical!  They are mock horror movie posters.  The horror? Ill fitting bras...and what the consequences might be for the woman in complete denial.

The Quadraboob.  Can you only imagine this under a sweater? Not good. 

The Sagging.  A good friend of mine calls this look "rocks in socks".  

Who is the brilliant mastermind behind this campaign?  A bra boutique called The Booby Trap. (How much do you love the name of their store?!)   It is actually located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.  Hey, if I am ever in their neighborhood, you better believe I will pop in and check it out!  Since I live quite a distance away, I sure hope all the ladies that live in NL frequent this shop. We could all use a little humor while shopping for undergarments. 

You can also check out their facebook page:

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