secrets to housewife happiness

Yet another tip on making a housewife happy.  Recall, just a short time ago, happiness came in the form of a garage refrigerator. This week it comes in the form of a single-serve coffee maker.   This is the first K-Cup brewed in my new Breville.  Oh, she is shiny, sleek, and efficient.  

Our family made the big leap away from the brewed pot of joe.  I, painfully and begrudgingly, gave up caffeine this summer.  Since the cold, dark mornings are now upon us-I was desperately missing a cup of coffee.  So, I fell off the wagon and not with out consequences. (I thought I could just sneak a little here and there.  That didn't work out for me so well.)   SO, this is a great answer for us!  Each cup brewed special-just for the person waiting.  Fully loaded for my wonderful husband, unleaded for me.  Being totally new to the K-Cup world, the coffee choices are plenty.  There is also hot chocolate, tea, chai, and apple cider.  Who knew?  I should have jumped on this train a LONG time ago!!

I hope you find a little time for yourself  this weekend.  Even if it just 10 minutes to enjoy a warm beverage.

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