holiday red

I know I posted this on facebook yesterday, but is just screaming to be a blog post as well.

Please know, I love the holidays and all that they bring.  Mostly just being with people I love and the spirit of the season.  I don't mind shopping, or cooking, or socializing, or spreading joy near and far.  By goodness...I am not Ebenezer!

HOWEVER.....It being Nov. 1, Starbucks peeled the plastic wrap off the red holiday cups. I call b*llsh*t!  Seriously, 55 days until Christmas and they bust them out.  Can't we look forward to the upcoming season?  By the time the big days finally arrive, we are so sick of the "season" that we often are relieved it is over.

Not sure what the answer is, other than a blog rant!  Sticking to my motto:  only worry about what you can control.  The Christmas season begins in my house after Thanksgiving. Looking forward to it.
I hope you are too!

PS.  I know it isn't JUST Starbucks, they are just lucky enough to be in my crosshairs.   I happened to also get 10 holiday catalogs in the mail yesterday and saw my first "get them what they want" commercials last night. 

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