in the kitchen- a weekly plan

With lives busier than ever, I felt like I needed to make myself a plan for getting dinner on the table.  Winging it wasn't working for me during the week.  I thought why not share with all of you what we ate for the week?  Hopefully you can get at least one idea for dinner next week.  I plan to post on Saturdays.  Let me know what you think.

*All dinner recipes are gluten-free.  Because that's how we roll!

Sundaysteak with mushroom sauce and cauliflower puree
This recipe called for skirt steak.  My grocery store didn't have that available, so the butcher suggested flat iron as a good substitute.  The mushrooms and wine sauce were delicious!

Monday:  steak, mushrooms and wilted spinach
Cut the left over steak into bite size pieces.  Add sliced mushrooms and the steak in a skillet until mushrooms are cooked through.  Last, add 1 cup of spinach to the skillet until wilted.  Fast and easy.

Tuesday: spicy chicken and hominy soup

Wednesdayskillet-poached huevos rancheros
This was ready in less than 15 minutes.  I had a kid distraction while poaching the eggs.  They ended up cooked all the way through instead of being poached and this dish was still delicious.

Thursday:  open faced sausage sandwich
I had a evening meeting, so I left the sausage and the sauce simmering on the stove until my husband was ready to eat.  I simply used a bottle of marinara, one [chopped] red pepper, and fully cooked [sliced] Italian sausage.  Simmer all on low until warmed through.  Serve on an open faced roll.  Top with peperoncini peppers and mozzarella cheese.

Friday:  Parents' night out  [can I get an amen!]
I ordered pizza for my guys and the sitter, but came across this super idea for pizza in the crockpot.  Might have to give it a try.  

Have a wonderful week in your kitchen. 

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  1. Love it! Cannot feel settled w/out a weekly plan. I'll have to pin your links!


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