the pressure of a name

I recently read of parents naming their baby girls interesting names.  Rainbow and Jett.  I worry for Rainbow.  That is going to be a tough, tough road.  On the other hand, I actually really like the name Jett.  Unique, strong and a great name for a girl to grow into.  Why is one unusual name likeable and the other - not so much?

Naming a child is a huge job.  I will admit I was a little nutty.   Making list after list.  My husband and I didn't decide on our boys' names before they arrived.  There were top choices, but the final decision came after we held each one of them.  In the end, we chose traditional names for our little men.

What do you think about Rainbow or Jett as a first name?
What did you consider when you named your children?

[a post about babies?  I couldn't help myself.]
william james

henry vaughn

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  1. Perfect names for 2 little boys! Not so crazy about the girl's names.


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