soggy bottoms

A little ingenuity and a sense of humor got us out of a soggy situation yesterday.  Little Man was eager to run off some energy at a neighborhood park.  He bee-lined it to the super, fast slide and down he went.  In the rainy northwest, every park veteran knows to check slides for water before sliding.  My guy made a rookie mistake.  His pants were soaked from waist band to hemline-all the way through to his underwear.  Yep, pretty much ended park time.

We hustled to the car and I quickly shifted into crisis management.  I had him strip and wrap up in a blanket, which I luckily carry in my emergency box.  I didn't have time to go home, so I used my car heater vents as a dryer.  The pants would have taking a week to dry, so I dried his underwear instead.  Little Man giggled and giggled in the back seat.  We were headed into Seattle, so I bought him a new pair of warm ups when we arrived and the rest of our day went off without a hitch.

What crazy solutions have you come up with on the spur of the moment?

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