which one?

I may have gone on an unplanned spring shopping spree yesterday.  I purchased two pairs of sandals.  Since they are basically the same shoe - I should only keep one!  I can't decide.  Really loving both of them.  I thought maybe you could help?  I plan to wear them with skirts, shorts, and cuffed jeans. 

A few details...
Matiko:  insanely comfortable, extremely well made, zipper in back with leather tassel. Considerably more expensive.  I love that they are unique!

Steve Madden:  comfortable, ankle strap is much thinner, classic colors.    I love that they are simple and easy to wear with just about anything.

So, what do you think?
{Bring on spring.}


  1. Steve Madden (though I am more conservative in my fashion choices)

    1. @regan. Decided to keep both for now. :) That is the beauty of shopping at Nordstrom.


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