cloudy with the chance

Umbrellas.  I have been thinking about them quite a bit lately.  Hmmm, I wonder why?
It all started when I spotted this lovely one carried by a prince.  
The London premier of War Horse was water logged.  Catherine's Temperley London floor length gown was gorgeous and I am certain she didn't want to cover it up with a trench.  The umbrella was absolutely perfect!  The shape ~ devine.  With the perfect accent of black, which played off her dress. 

Then I remembered a little something I purchased on my recent trip to NYC!
Isn't it the cutest?  The bubble umbrella is all the rage!   

Want a bubble umbrella for yourself?  I did a little research for you!

One JUST like Kate's!
just for FUN

a touch of teal

Stay dry.  Remain stylish!

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