manage the CHAOS: game closet

I know, crazy how Tuesday is here already!  I have to admit, didn't complete the previous assignment.  With children underfoot all last week, not much got done.  (Well, aside from sledding and watching movies!)   SO, that means double the work this week!

Your weekly task.  
Manage the CHAOS: the game closet-or your equivalent. 

As you notice, I do have shelves.  Somehow everything gets thrown on the floor!  Hmmmm, wonder who does that?

Remember the parameters:
1.  Tackle 1 small(ish) project each week.  Complete one week from today.
2.  Set a timer and work in 15 minute increments.
3.  Hopefully, reign in the CHAOS and gain a sliver of sanity.

Same drill.  Keep.  Donate.  Throw Away.  A big roll of packing tape might come in handy this week.  Many times game boxes need to be reinforced with a little tape to hold their shape.  Good luck!
PS.  I am thinking when my play room morphs into something more grown up, this storage system from The Container Store might work superbly!  

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