Manage the CHAOS: linen closet

It's Tuesday.  Time to Manage the CHAOS!  (I sure hope you got that junk drawer cleaned out last week.)

Remember the parameters:
1.  Tackle 1 small(ish) project each week.  Complete one week from today.
2.  Set a timer and work in 15 minute increments.
3.  Hopefully, reign in the CHAOS and gain a sliver of sanity.

This week the beast to tackle is the linen closet.   Oh, boy.  I might need a few rounds of 15 minutes!

Designate 3 piles- Keep. Donate. Throw Away.
Take everything out before putting anything back in.  You may be dying to run to Target or The Container Store to buy storage organizers.  Try to resist.  Use what you already have or be creative.  

Martha Stewart neatly stores sheet sets inside pillow cases. 
Now, there is only one Martha-for a reason.  She is totally unrealistic most of the time and the rest of us just fail miserably.  But this idea seems fairly attainable.  Any other great storage ideas?

1 comment:

  1. this is a great idea...love it...will try it...


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