manage the CHAOS: junk drawer

It is the beginning of January and time to clean this place up!  Do you feel like that?  Do you have Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome (CHAOS)?  My house always seems to be is some state of disaster!  It overwhelms me, so I have decided to tackle it in small manageable projects.  Want to join me?

Here are the parameters:
1.  There will be one project a week.  Assignment given on Tuesday.  One week to complete.
2.  It costs nothing.
3.  You may regain some sanity.  (This line item is not guaranteed.)

Week 1
Manage the CHAOS: junk drawer
We all have them.  We can't get rid of them. BUT they must be managed.  I have two in my kitchen alone. 

Your assignment this week is to find 15 minutes. Set a timer if it helps.  Tackle that drawer in 15 minutes or less.  Throw away, recycle, repurpose, move items to a more appropriate place, leave what is essential.  If you have the time and you have more than one junk drawer-repeat! 

**The idea of CHAOS, tackling the organization of your home in small tasks for 15 minutes at a time, and regaining control comes directly from http://www.flylady.net/.  I love the ideas.  However, it is an intense undertaking and I failed miserably.  Check it out.  You might have better luck.

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