manage the CHAOS: makeup drawer

I think I spy a receipt in there.  Obvious work to be done! 

Remember the parameters:
1.  Tackle 1 small(ish) project each week.  Complete one week from today.
2.  Set a timer and work in 15 minute increments.
3.  Hopefully, reign in the CHAOS and gain a sliver of sanity.

Our weekly task: 
manage the CHAOS: the makeup drawer.

Only two sorting piles this week.  Keep.  Throw!  Old makeup, unneeded products, crusty lotions, half used tubes?  Toss them and don't look back.  If I remember correctly, in Econ 101 these past purchases are called sunk costs.  Don't feel guilty...just feel free of all that clutter. 

This should be a quick task.  When you are getting ready this week-put aside all the makeup and products you ACTUALLY use on a regular basis.  Choose the essentials you use for a big "night out" and the rest - are history! 

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