Camp Mommy: Outbound

I am taking this show on the road. The little boys and I are heading north to Canada on Sunday. The Gulf Islands to be exact.  Gorgeous, right?   I will be unplugged, literally, for a week.  What was once a planned family vacation, is now Camp Mommy: Outbound.

Although I am always with my kids-all day, every day...there is something about taking them out of the house that poses a great challenge.  They are totally crazy, hardly listen, and consistently "off road".  What do I mean by off road?  If there is a nicely, paved path....my kids are not on it.  Not usually a HUGE problem unless there is a very large body of water nearby.  Hmmm.  Nonetheless, the three of us are off for a grand adventure.

Notice I do not call it a vacation.  If you are traveling with your kids it can be a called a trip, but never, never a vacation.  You most certainly understand this if you are a mother.  Family trips simply move your job to new, and unfamiliar, location.  (I guess you could call it a business trip. )  I would never trade the great places we have traveled with our boys, but I always feel like a need a "vacation" once I have returned home from our vacation.  I am almost certain you have felt this way too.

I will catch up with all of you in a week!

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