takes a lickin'.......

My oldest received this Timex watch for his birthday last month.  He was so darn excited and doesn't EVER want to take it off.  He sleeps with it on his wrist and is always requesting to be the family time keeper.  Upon receiving the gift, he also was "gifted" with the responsibility lecture we have all received. (I, shamefully, will add- the one I promised not to give because no one is listening anyway.)
Take care of this watch.  Don't lose it. Blah, blah.....blah, blah.

He had it exactly one week before it was lost.  Here is the kicker......I lost it!  Before jumping into the pool for swim lessons, I had him take it off.   I slipped it into the outside pocket of my purse.  Where that damn thing ran off to-your guess is as good as mine! It must have fallen out.  We didn't realize it was missing until bed time.  Fantastic timing! (Form a mental picture of that scene in your mind.)

Trying to turn my total flub into yet another teachable moment, I made the little one trek all over the beach club looking for that watch the next day.  Every lost and found, the lifeguard office, the locker room.  Nada.  I gave up hope and ordered another one on amazon.  Lucky for me it was only 13 bucks.

I later found out that Timex has a replacement policy for kids watches.  Lose it within 1 year of purchase and get a replacement for $10.  Isn't that big of them?  Pretty certain someone in our family will have to replace the timepiece again by next June.  Let's just hope it isn't me!

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