good bye, my cup of joe

Sadly, I am giving up caffeine. With that, my beloved cup of morning coffee goes with it!  If you are one who looks forward to your first cup of the day, you will understand my trepidation.

I dread the first week's excruciating headache (yes, I have done this before).  It is never quite the same when you meet someone for coffee and sip on an herbal tea.  But mostly, I will truly miss my mug of sanity to sip on as my crazy family comes to life in the morning.  Some days it is my life line as the bustle- preparing breakfast, packing lunches, clearing dishes, signing homework journals, finding glasses and readying two non-compliant boys for the day ahead -hits me like a Peterbilt!  How will I ever do it?

The positive effects better drastically outweigh the significant downside.  All this hype about cutting out caffeine.....better pan out!  Do you know what I am talking about?


  1. Those headaches are no joke! I've tried this before too... and have had some (although limited, obviously!) success! :) Good luck, and if you get tired of tea, I loved just hot water w/ lemon.

  2. What are these benefits? They must be pretty incredible to cut out such an important life line. Do tell... I have a latte every morning for breakfast and can't imagine giving it up. Justification...I am getting my calcium everyday and warding off osteoporosis :)


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