mommy shortcut #11

I call them shortcuts, others may view it as sheer laziness. (Why must we judge?)

Not often anymore, but occasionally, one of my children will wet the bed.  The scene usually plays out with a quick change of pj's and the rest of the night between mom and dad.  Most of the time, I remember (and have time) to strip the bunk bed in question and change the sheets.  However, there are other times that I remember I needed to do this extra chore just as my kids are crawling into bed.

Mommy shortcut #11:  The sleeping bag.
Sheets need changing, but you don't have the time or energy?  Simply pull up all sheets including quilt or comforter.  Place a sleeping bag on top.  (If you have to-sell them on a camping theme and tell a campfire story or something, but my kids are always jazzed about the sleeping bag.  It's a win-win.)  You have just bought yourself an extra night.

1 comment:

  1. haha - I LOVE the label for this one! :) I also suggest using the sleeping bag for when the wetting happens... instead of the boys in your bed, they're on the floor next to you - camping out in Mom and Dad's room! Keep these Mom o' the Year tips coming - I'm going to need them sooner than later! :)


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