nude, suntan, pearl-no thanks

The fresh faced, totally charismatic Duchess of Cambridge, is a huge, HUGE fan of old school hosiery.  She has been photographed wearing stockings at almost every public engagement. They were on full display on her recent trip to North America.   I have read that it is royal protocol-that along with closed toe shoes.  However, I have also read that it is totally her choice and that the many young European women LOVE them. 

Pantyhose?  Really?  I know everything 80's is hot, so hot......but this-I just can't wrap my head around it!  The last time I can actually remember wearing a pair of these torture devices was at my wedding-10 years ago.  (Now that I think of it- I have not a clue why!)  Never, and I repeat NEVER, have I worn a pair of pantyhose without the crotch hovering around my knees in no time flat.  I am a midget, so there has never been a pair that actually fit me correctly.  And then there is the whole business of picking the right color.  If you are going for skin tone, that is nearly impossible.  It never looks the same once you put them on and if you try to slide it on your forearm to test the color -you are guaranteed to snag it!  They cost a fortune and always, ALWAYS run.  (Pink nail polish, anyone?)

Snags, runs, and low riding crotches.  Who needs it?  Please tell me I am not the only one who (passionately) feels that this piece of the 1980's needs to stay there!

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