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What is your first reaction to the title of this book?  Without worry of being judged, I literally laughed out loud.  I am sure you can guess that controversy is brewing over this satirical good night story for parents-obviously not intended to be read to children.   

 Who has not thought this exact sentiment in her head while trying to get very young children to bed?  I vividly remember trying to follow some damn method- which name now escapes me- to cure my oldest of his affinity of getting out of his toddler bed....repeatedly.  Simply pick him up, put him back in the bed, and close the door.  No talking, no reasoning, just quiet and simple.  Simple my ass!  Toddlers smell fatigue and will persevere without fail.  We counted 76 "get-ups" in one evening.  The kid was tireless.  One of us would inevitably end up laying on the floor beside the bed and more often than not fall asleep before said child.  Thankfully, he grew out of it and we did survive.

That is why this book title is so stinking funny! We are all just trying to make it to bedtime.  If you can't laugh...parenthood may kill you off!  So I say, kuddos to you-Adam Mansbach.  Thank you for writing a book that every modern day parent can enjoy with a glass of wine after the kids are f*^#ing asleep!

Buy the book at amazon.com OR
download a free audio copy recorded by Samuel L. Jackson at audible.com

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