chips n' fish

Father's Day calls for a special dinner.  Fish and chips.  That was my husband's request.  He has Celiac Disease and gluten free fish and chips are hard to come by.  Even though I have never fried up a batch, I was eager to give it try!

The recipe chips n' fish came from the fabulous cook book Fishes and Dishes!

Main ingredients halibut, eggs, corn starch, Italian parsley, and Salt and Vinegar potato chips!  Hello, all gluten free.

I gave the potato chips a whirl in the food processor.  Dredged fish (I used cod) in corn starch, dipped in egg, and then the chip mixture.  I used peanut oil to fry the fish and it was amazingly easy!  The end product was lip-smackin', finger lickin' good.


For this and other fantastic seafood recipes-you need this cookbook (written by some pretty awesome women) for yourself!  Find it at an independent bookstore or at good ol' amazon

[PS.  Thanks Kiyo!  Aaron loved the fish.  Miss you.]

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