yep, you still have homework.

Summer is looming.....I mean coming!  These Summer Bridge Activities books are perfect if you are interested in having your kids do "just a little" this summer to keep their brains nimble. [And appropriately torture them.]

They bridge the months from one grade to another-spanning from entering kindergarteners through entering 8th graders.  They are organized to have your sweeties do one page (front and back) each day.  There is an excellent mix of grade-specific exercises in language, reading, and math.  Science, social studies, and extension activities are also included.  The pages are colorful and non-repetitive, so the kids "kinda" like them.  We have used them the past two summers with moderate success. Because let's be honest, no child wants to do any kind of school work while on summer break.

You can see sample pages on the summer bridge activities website.  The books themselves can be ordered from through their website, on amazon, or purchased at teacher supply stores. 

Bring on summer [learning]!

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