a sweet single serving

Ok.  So I came across this recipe for espresso mousse in the March issue of Everyday Food.  While the dessert itself looks delicious, it was the presentation in the individual jars that did me in!  I can't get over how darn fabulous this idea is.  The execution of the recipe was proven to be a tad difficult.  Not actually making the mousse, but gathering 2 items in the recipe.

The first is espresso powder.  After a little reading, I surmised that this is not essential to the recipe working, but I wanted to find it.  It was not in my local supermarket.  A quick google search landed me at Williams-Sonoma.
[espresso powder. williams-sonoma.  $10.95]

And the most important item are those insanely cute 4 oz jars.  I could not find them anywhere.  I searched supermarkets, Target, hardware stores.  Not one store had this petite size. 

The one-stop shop, amazon.com, had them available so I quickly added them to my cart.  $8.99 for a dozen of these darlings!  They will arrive next week.  I plan to make the mousse for my husband on his birthday.  [It just happens to be gluten free!]

Life is sweet, indulge in dessert.

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