mom uniform:: summer layers

summer layers

It hasn't been that warm around the Pacific Northwest in recent weeks.   [That might be the understatement of the century, but I won't get started.]  It is also still raining...a lot.   Now, while I would love to be wearing my cut-offs, breezy tops and summer sandals, it is simply not feasible when the high reaches 58 degrees.

So, enter my recent "cold summer day" uniform.  My Splendid maxi skirt keeps my legs warm, a favorite long and lean tank from Target [my affection has been documented], and a Gap jean jacket.  And how do I accessorize?  Chuck Taylors to keep my toes dry in the downpours, a scarf [with a pop of color] to keep me from shivering, and my Ray-Bay aviators.  I also roll up the sleeves on the jacket and layer bracelets.  I am certainly not happy about this weather and I am desperately trying to mix in a few summer pieces.

Bring on summer.  Please

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