run like a mother.

 Where can your running shoes take you?

Look where mine took me in the month of May!  Unbelievable beauty.  A sleepy, morning beach on Maui. A serene, wooded road in the Canadian Gulf Islands.  Both runs were equally invigorating and restorative. 

While I love great fitness classes, nothing can beat a pair of running shoes and an iPod while away from home.   You need nothing else to get a great workout.  I know that running isn't for everyone.   If you aren't a runner [or absolutely HATE to run], give it another shot.  You may find that it isn't that bad if you have simple, attainable goals.  Run for fitness, health, and overall well-being.  So what if you walk a lot and jog a little.  I promise you won't regret going for a run.  [Plus, it means you earn an extra glass of wine or cocktail at the end of the day!]

Go run like a mother!

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  1. Just got back into running a couple months ago. The extra glass if wine being my motivation.You are my people


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