go...vino. go.

Sticking with my backyard barbeque and/or pool side bash theme, I highly recommend these govino stemless wine glasses.  I grabbed a box of 4 at The Tyler Florence Shop while in Napa last summer.  They are the perfect marriage of the good 'ole keg cup and your favorite stemless bar ware.

 These glasses are made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer and it is recyclable (#1), but better yet it is reusable.  The glasses are actually flexible and completely shatter proof.  Perfect for the pool deck or anywhere else glass is not permitted.  $12.95 for 4 - you can't go wrong!

You can order directly from the govino website (they also have decanters, stemless flutes, and stemless cocktail glasses) or I just spied them in the recent cb2 catalog.

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  1. I just saw them somewhere too and thought they looked pretty fun! :)


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