80's flashback

The rights have been purchased and a new animated series may be in the works.  Oh, baby!  Got cash in on that cow just one more time.  What was on your Christmas list in 1983?  If it was a CPKid, your mom and dad were fighting and kicking other crazy parental types in line for the coveted "must have" gift of the season.  Never had one, which doesn't mean I didn't ask for one.  The thing I remember the most about the CPKid is the smell.  Do you remember it? Baby Powder?  Not certain, but it was unmistakable FOR SURE.  That is how you knew you had a real one! (That, along with the signature on the ass and the adoption certificate.)

Can you imagine what parents would have paid for a Cabbage Patch Kid if eBaby, I mean eBay, was around?

Long live the 80's!

More info on this, possible, must see TV.  Visit The Hollywood Reporter .

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