Xtreme Makeover.

I am in Love (with a capital L) with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the two books that followed. Although it took me 2 tries and a good 150 pages to truly get into the first book, I am certifiably head-over-heels for Lisbeth Salander.  Ok, yes, she is a bit nuts.  Unorthodox, true.  Totally bad ass, hell ya!  I am empathic to her character, although I am sure not every reader feels the same.  (I feel like a tiny sliver of Lisbeth resides somewhere deep inside me.)

Hollywood is in the final stages of making the first installment of this book trilogy.   On Tuesday, a trailer was circulating for the upcoming movie, but was quickly pulled by Sony Pictures.  Oh, how I want it to be GOOD!  My hopes are high after seeing the total and complete transformation of Rooney Mara, the actress cast to play Lisbeth.  Check at the Before and After shots of this makeover gone horribly "right"!
The movie isn't set to release until December 21, 2011.  The hype is building.  Can it live up?  

Want more info on this possible blockbuster?  Visit:  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


  1. D. - Like you, I devoured the trilogy and became somewhat (or not so somewhat) obsessed with Lisbeth Salander. All this to say: YOU MUST SEE THE ORIGINAL SWEDISH FILMS! Yes, I know the US version will be good (I'm counting on it) but Lisbeth is captured so well by actress Noomi Rapace... well, I could just gush on and on about how great she is, but I won't bore you.
    By the way, do you think we might want to form a Lisbeth Fan Club and go to the premiere in December together? ;)

  2. Yes! Consider the club formed! Even if there is just 2 of us...I think you can still call it a club! I have seen the first Swedish film and need to see the rest. I do think Noomi was GREAT! That is why my hopes are SO, SO high!


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