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I was lucky enough to visit my OB/GYN recently.  (It was NOT a prenatal visit!)  The practice has recently switched over to digital scales that are within the private exam rooms.  Let me add that while I was pregnant with both of my boys, the scale was public (VERY public) and totally old school.  You know.  Slide-tap, tap, tap......tap!  I never looked and still have no idea how much weight I gained with either one of them.  I digress.

At my visit, I learned something down right shocking.  I noticed a simple chart taped to the back of the door.  Listed in one column was the examination room numbers.  The column next to it indicated a plus or a minus along with a number.  Perplexed, I asked the medical assistant, charged with recording my weight, about this curious document.  Her response left me utterly speechless.  "Oh, all of the scales are inaccurate. So, in some of the rooms we have to add pounds and in others we subtract." Uh..............

Let me get this straight.  The scales that can crush a woman's spirit in one quick, digital read out are inaccurate?   Correct me if I am wrong, but it is painful enough being weighed at the doctor. I am thinking they may need to invest in some new scales. OR, better yet....

Let us all weigh ourselves at home before we eat and put our clothes on.  If need be, we can take a digital image of the scale and bring it with us as proof.  This will put an end to the shocking moment when the number on the office scale doesn't match the scale at home, while completely eliminating this addition game they are playing.

Stand together on this ladies.  There are some things worth fighting for!

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