day 2

Carefree livin'.  The dog days of summer.  Kick back and relax.  Summer fun.  Yes indeed, all true. There isn't any other season quite like it and it is my all time favorite.  But ask any mother and it is also physically and emotionally EXHAUSTING!

Although the first day of the season is the Summer Solstice, it officially begins with an 11am dismissal and doesn't stop until the first day of school. My boys and I hit the ground running on Monday morning..more like sprinting.  I just completed day 2 of our summer and I am ready for a back-up mom to come in for a few rounds. With everyone home all day, the food prep is intensified, the dishwasher runs on overdrive and those little treasured moments I had to myself vanish.   Admittedly,  it does take some time to wrap my head around the reality that I will be playing tour guide, camp counselor, and referee for two insanely active boys.

I will be filling that role for 10 weeks.  Yet, all my other duties remain.  How do I forget from year to year that I will have no time to grocery shop?  No time to do the laundry or return a phone call in peace.  Workouts get moved to 6am and the constant question remains (yet for some reason is insanely more difficult to answer). What is for dinner?!?

I do love (LOVE with a capital L) summer, so ready or not- we are in the thick of it.  I just need to finish my post (which I find I am writing after 9pm every evening) and get ready for tomorrow.  The meals, the snacks, tennis rackets, swim trunks, clean towels.  I really should start a checklist, but that is way to organized for summer.

How are all of you adjusting to our season of fun in the sun?

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