One Word

Is there one word that describes you?  I know there are many, many words that describe each of us, but is there ONE that stands out among all the others?  I thought of this yesterday as I was shopping for a swimming suit.

Now, that in itself is pure torture and is worthy of its very own blog entry.  Nevertheless, I am in need of a new suit.  I was trying to find one that a.) covers what needs to be covered after having 2 children b.) flatters the parts I want to show off c.)  is comfortable and supportive and d.) is appropriate to wear to our community swim club.  Sorry to say, that is a lot to ask of one suit.  I was considering trying on a certain suit, but the sales woman stopped me in my tracks.  "You are too sassy for that."  Huh?

I did not know this woman.  Never met her.  We had never had coffee together or shared a night on the town.  Yet, she wouldn't let me consider a suit because it wasn't sassy enough.  I didn't think much of it at the time and moved along. However, later, when I began thinking back on it-I smiled.  I love that she called me sassy.  If I had to pick one word to describe myself, that would be it.  It isn't always a good thing to be sassy and I think that is why I love it so much.  Life is too short not to be EXACTLY who you are in every way!  It took me quite awhile to figure this one out, but now I try to live into it.  That is certainly what I want for my young children.  I try to love them for exactly who they are- not who I thought they might be. (That task is easier on some days than others.) 

Out of all the words to describe you...which would you choose?  What is THE one word that describes you better than all the rest?

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