the shimmer effect

New and great!  Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect sunscreen.  Offered in SPF 20, SPF 40, and After Sun lotion.  The ingenious addition of mica minerals gives this sunscreen a shimmery finish.  Those "magic minerals" evens out and highlights your skin tone (seeming to make those first days of summer a little less painful).  Field tested on Tuesday (when the temp crept above 60), it is also waterproof.  Added bonus...it has the classic tropical coconut scent.  Remember the scent we used to enjoy when we poured on the oil (SPF 0) and baked all day?  Yep, that one! Maybe the best part-you can pick it up at almost ANY local drugstore or even the grocery store!

 Add the shimmer and rock it girl!

1 comment:

  1. So much fun to see the shimmer! Denise - you looked with a million bucks. Thanks for sharing....see you at the pool hopefully soon.


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