flying high

In the spirit of Mad Men, a new show jumped onto the scene on Sunday.  Pan Am on ABC.
Catch the episode online if you missed it.

Watching the first show painfully brings to light how wonderful flying once was.  Full bars, fine dining, ample seat room, lounge areas, and complete customer service (including pillows and blankets).  No TSA, no full body scans, no cramped quarters, no starving passengers.  Ahhh, the good old days.

The Pan Am flight attendants were true pioneers.   Jet setting around the world, when most women their age were settling for "what was expected of them."  Although still having to conform in the ways of the company, they were living life to the fullest. 

Oh, and am dying to have one of their carry on bags.  You are never going to believe what I found! 
Explorer Bag ~ 89.
Round Wash Bag ~ 45.
 Luggage Tags ~ 11.
Passport Cover ~ 24.
These treasures, and many others, are available online. 

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