spelling t-e-s-t-s

Well, it's Monday!  For most children in elementary school, that means there will be a weekly spelling list coming home today.  Cue dramatic music....dun, dun. dun.  Some may know all the words today, but others will have to do a bit of studying.

The task of practicing spelling words can be monotonous at best.  So why not jazz it up with some technology magic?  I have two ideas that work great in our house.

1.  Spelling City

Easy, interactive website that allows you to enter your child's weekly list.  Your kids can practice their words during the week with activities using the week's words.  The website can even give them a practice test for you. 

2.  Magnetic Alphabet Lite- app for your iPad

 Remember alphabet magnets for your fridge? This is the updated version.  Kids easily drag the bright letters from the bottom of the screen to spell their words.  Great for little ones that live in your house too!  Perfect for early letter recognition. 

Hope these help this week! 

1 comment:

  1. Love these great ideas Denise! So helpful for this mom that has been a total slacker at helping my son succeed in the realm of spelling! This spelling bee winner did not pass on that gene so I need to get in the game.


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